Psalm 46: 10

Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know
Be still

Life seems so complicated, complex, and difficult.  There are so many choices, so many decisions to make, so much to do.  Our minds are so capable of analysis, calculating, and problem solving.  When we are full of fear and desire control, we can misuse these abilities and become attached to the outcome that may not be ours to control.  I believe what we are called to "do" is "be" our true selves and "do" from that self, the next right move on our path, knowing that the outcome is not ours to own.  We can also rest and be still in knowing that we will be loved and have what we need regardless of that outcome.

We will remain in his embrace and radical grace.  When we hold this truth, the veil of fear and desire to control can lift so that we can connect with what is ours to do.

When in action we are to root our DOing in our authentic BEing.
When we are still, we know we are loved. We are love.
So be.