So what are you studying mom?

I would love to be able to record most of my conversations with our middle child.  My nephew calls him a special occasion, many of my friends have told him his soul has been here a long time.  Recently, one of my friends was having a conversation with him in another room and she yelled to me, "OH, I see what you guys mean, definitely an old soul!"

He recently asked me about the classes I'm taking.
Link:  Explain to me this thing you are studying to be, a spiritual.....what?
Me:  I am wanting to become a spiritual director.  
Link:  Is that a therapist for God?
Me:  Not really
Link:  Will you teach people about God?
Me:  Not really
Link:  Will you show them how to talk to God?
Me: Kind of, but not really
Link:  Will you help them by holding the door open while they're connecting with God?
Me:  Gosh, I hope so.