The Best Wishes

This is what I call sending out the good energy...

Our son (age 7) and I were hanging out together and this is what he came up with for conversation...

Him: "Mama, did Baucky (my grandmother) ever smoke?"

Me: "No",

Him: "Does she like vegetables?"

Me: "Yes, in fact her favorite meal is Mam's (my mom's) vegetable soup"

Him: "Does she eat junk food?"

Me: "Not often, but sometimes she likes to eat a candy bar"

Him: "So you think she eats really healthy?"

Me: "Yes, very much so"

Him: "Good, because I want her to be the longest living person in the whole wide world, ever"

If you know my grandmother, you'll know that she is one of the kindest and gentlest souls with an unbelievable sense of humor and quick wit. I hope his wish comes true!