A Spark at a birthday party

This past weekend was FULL of activity.  The spark came through quiet observation.
There were over 20 kids under the age of 7 running about after the "mad science" show with their bags of goodies, awaiting cupcakes, screaming, and laughing.  I saw our son run outside after watching one of his friends briefly looking in her goodie bag.  
He stood at the feet of the science presenter.  Parents were talking all over each other quizzing the presenter about the program, the cost of doing birthday parties, talking about activities, etc.  He stood quietly at their feet.  Every now and then he would shift to one side of the crowd, then the other.  He was looking for a way to "get in line", quietly waiting his turn to ask a question.  He stood with his hands behind his back until the parents all walked away and he got the attention he waited for.  I was inside the house watching all of this.  I could hear him clearly state,  "excuse me, my friends' slime was not in her bag.  I think there was a problem when we were making slime.  Can you make her some so that she gets some too?"  His friend was never aware that he noticed, or waited, he just put it in her bag and got back to playing.  Being present to this moment gave me clarity about the importance of being aware of our surroundings.  I am glad that he followed through with his desire to help a friend and that he was fulfilled by his accomplishment, without outside recognition.  I'm grateful that I was mindful of his actions, and glad I was open to the lesson that he unknowingly shared.