Practice Houston
We are collaborating with Compassionate Houston to re-launch monthly Practice Houston sessions. As a recent addition to the board of directors, I am thrilled to work on a team to re-launch PH and to launch additional programming, including a Supper Club, a book group, and a compassionate community calendar and blog, as well as manage and promote the existing Compassionate Houston programs, like the spring luncheon, Compassion Week, and service opportunities for the network of Compassionate Houston Partners.

Please follow the links below to find out how many ways we can grow in our practice, together. 

Upcoming Sessions
6 Week Conspire Practice Group
co-facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry and Lindsay Espejel
11:05a-12:05p Sundays
3/10 - 4/21
St. Paul's Methodist
5501 Main St.
LIndsay and I have been meeting weekly to develop a multi-week curriculum of practices with rich foundations and practial applications. I hope you will join us!

Why Practice?

Looking for where to practice

Link to the latest newsletter

Who are we? What do we do?

We live in the most diverse, therefore rich, community in the country.
What if we hone our skills in mindfulness, non-judgement, emotional regulation, grieving, and healing, allowing us to see ourselves and each other in ways that empower our best selves to respond to each interaction with compassion?
How might we bridge invisible barriers in this amazing city, in the cubicle, in the boardroom, on the playground, and with our parents and children?

One on One Practice Sessions

Follow the link below to find out about one on one practice sessions. Consultations are priced based on client ability to pay. One session may be all you need to get started.

Practice Houston Group

Follow the link to connect with our Facebook Group. We practice at our gatherings, and go to events together in this amazing city. We spend time each month sharing what we are learning.

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Trainings and Retreats

Follow the link below to learn about practice sessions for your workplace, school, church, or neighborhood community. Programs are designed to meet individual and community needs.