Practice Houston
A Spiritual Practice Community in Houston, TX

Next Open Group Session, refer to 'Newsletter' for upcoming meetings and events

We live in the most diverse, therefore rich, community in the country.
What if we hone our skills in mindfulness, non-judgement, emotional regulation, grieving, and healing, allowing us to see ourselves and each other in ways that empower our best selves to respond to each interaction with compassion?
How might we bridge invisible barriers in this amazing city, in the cubicle, in the boardroom, on the playground, and with our parents and children?
Let's gather as a community of practitioners with respect to a variety of religious faiths and traditions yet with no religious affiliation or over arching bias towards one tradition.

Practice Houston is a spiritual practice group with the intention to connect with something greater than ourselves and practice tools and techniques that make us better at our human journey, together. Practices include meditation, writing, art, labyrinth, and more. There will be opportunities to reflect and connect. Introverts and extroverts will be respected. Light heartedness and play are held in balance with respect for multiple traditions.

Contact Brooke for information on the developing community of practitioners in Houston.
Also reach out if you are interested in using the tools and resources to start a group in your area.

Please contact Brooke if you;
-want to be added to the contact list for invitation and event details. The size of the venue is being determined by the email responses.
-want to provide a little seed money. We would like to be able to pay facilitators and pre-purchase art supplies. We are currently passing multiple hats to gauge how the community wants to spend their donations. This allows us to focus on the need of the community, not on unnecessary overhead costs. All financial data will be shared publicly as we follow the need of the community as a whole.
-want to talk about facilitating - the next evolution includes the creation of monthly meetings for each type of practice, Art, Writing, Movement, Meditation.