R W "Twister" Garrison
June 28, 1920 - June 28, 2017


Share your stories

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Twister's stories brought joy to so many. He left us some written stories of his youth that many of you have heard. We also have some letters of gratitude from those he mentored and encouraged.
The story of his life is made up of the way friends of every age became family to him.
We will be selecting, organizing, and self publishing a book* to help us all celebrate, remember, and keep these stories close to our hearts.


Live the legacy of love and laughter

Twister wore many hats with character, comedy, charity, and compassion.

He told the most entertaining stories and turned everyday encounters into lasting impressions of kindness, giving so many others stories to tell.
His is a legacy of small moments and big gestures of compassion and service.
We invite everyone to participate in expanding the reach of his influence.

Suggestions for continuing Twister's positive influence and impact;

 Buy discounted flowers and give them out to people in need of a boost
Let the pressure out with a shake of the head and a "Pshhhewwww"
Carry a pocketful of Werther's and peppermints for sharing
Visit or call someone at home or in the hospital
Write poems and short notes of gratitude
Take someone fishing or golfing
Tell someone "Luv ya and hi"
Invite someone to church
Buy someone a meal
Smile at a stranger
Laugh at yourself
Encourage a kid
Tell your stories
Listen well
Love freely

Contact us to submit your stories and/or photos and to be added to the email list so we can inform you when the book is ready. 

Please submit all stories and photos before 10/1/17.
*Twister's book of stories will be available at cost, not for profit.