018 St. Paul’s Encourage 1 Hour Pop Ups, Free, Childcare available
Each includes learning, practicing, and time for community reflection.
1/28 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Relationships
Find common ground and develop habits that establish deeper connection through practices that increase understanding, resolve conflict, and empower mutual support and growth.
2/18 Sun. 9:45-10:45a Encourage Parenting
2/25 Sun. 5:00-6:00p
Encourage Parenting
Parenting as empowerment for everyone. Find common ground and develop habits that support the individuals, the family, the schedule and routine. Discover practices that model healthy choices that lead to fulfilling and balanced lives.
3/25 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Growth, Grief, and Gratitude
Identify and address the blocks to our self awareness, unhealed grief, and limiting beliefs. Discover practices that make way for awareness, acceptance, letting go, and receiving unconditional love.
4/15 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Awakening Creativity
Create an opening to the healing and playful power of creativity. No talent, experience, or self-confidence required. Art can heal us. We can start anywhere.

5/5 Sat. 10a-4p Encourage Day of Peace and Play
Open for individuals and families of all ages. Cost for individuals $25, families $40, lunch provided. Enriched programming for childcare for ages 4 and under provided. Register here

10-1p Communication, Longing, Creativity
Participants discover their longings and how they can be expressed.

1-1:45p Lunch

1:45- 2:30p Communication, Community, Interdependence
Participants share their discoveries and create something together

2:30p - 4p Creative Movement- embodying grace, being in the flow, receiving grace.
One session, together, lead by Lydia Hance Frame Dance - Multi-gen dance program