Group and Individual Practice Sessions and Support

Open to the Public-
Speaking / Facilitation Schedule:
Sundays, 7/18 - 12/18 Conspire / Practice Houston
9:45a St. Paul's UMC 5501 Main St.
Jones Education Building, Room J-203
Spiritual practice community. Free and open to all. 
1/28 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Relationships
2/2 Fri. 6-8p Loving Mystery Artist Reception
2/18 Sun. 9:45-10:45a Encourage Parenting
2/20 Tues. 6:30-8:30p Practice Houston Meeting
2/25 Sun. 5:00-6:00p Encourage Parenting
3/15 Thurs. 6:30-8:30p Practice Houston Meeting
3/20 Tues. 6:30-8:30p Practice Houston Meeting
3/25 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Growth, Grief, and Gratitude
4/15 Sun. 12:30 Encourage Awakening Creativity
4/17 Tues. 6:30-8:30p Practice Houston Meeting
10/ Sat. 10a-4p Encourage Day of Peace and Play

Private Engagement Schedule:
2/17 Sat. Blackwood Institute
9/6 Thu. St. Paul's Ordinary Women Lunch Meeting

Trainings, Retreats, Workshops, and Multi-week series Group Programs Inquire for rates
Scroll down for topic modules for relationships, families, parenting, teachers, life transitions, and spiritual growth. Typical rate is $100/hr for planning and facilitation. The total cost is dependent on customization of content and materials. Past events have ranged from $100 to $2,000. Each one is designed to meet the needs of the client. Much of the content and practices are already packaged so that preparation time is minimized.

Topics / Modules
Relationships, Family, and Parenting :

  • Self care
  • Empowering new behaviors-Behavior as a method of meeting universal human needs
  • Making the most of the routine
  • Empowering whole choices for every family member
  • Repairing relationships
  • Navigating life stages and transitions

Teaching Teams:

  • Emergency self care
  • Empowering the class routines, lessons, and roles to empower teachers and students
  • Creative problem solving
  • Healing the hurts from the home through art, writing, and movement (emergency self care for kids)
  • Incorporate compassion and healing language and arts in existing centers

Spiritual Communities:
Spiritual practices that support;

  • Individual growth
  • Relationships
  • Families
  • Discernment
  • Health, healing and wholeness
  • Awakening the creative spirit
  • Emergency self care and grounding

Programs and Clients, Current and Past:

  • Collaborative Communication Festival, co-facilitation of a New Look at Communicating at Work.
  • BeeHive Co-Op Parent Education 2017 Fall Series
  • Be The Peace, Be The Hope Facilitator Training and Curriculum Support (Integrating Nonviolent Communication, NVC, and other compassion practices)
  • Monthly facilitation of PracticeHouston
  • St. Paul's Spiritual Practice Retreat
  • St. Andrew's Preschool Teacher's In-Service 
  • UC Berkeley Campus Ministry / Episcopal Service Corps Discernment Retreat (practice facilitation)
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Lenten Series
  • Palmer Episcopal Women's Retreat 
  • St. Paul's Ordinary Life Class Guest Lectures

Painting commisions-
When working with clients, I bring in my experience in the fields of architecture and interior design, my degrees in psychology and sociology, and my certification as a spiritual director to get to know you and create a piece that meets your longings. Whether you are looking for a decorative piece to express your style, your unique self, or you are looking for a piece to use as your contemplative practice, it is my pleasure to get to know you and create just the right piece for you.


One on One Spiritual Practice Consultations:
Mondays, Fridays, some Saturdays, 8a-1p email to schedule an appointment. Discover your patterns and the practices that help you break cycles and live more fully. 45 minute spiritual practice coaching session. $80*
*Inquire about scaled rates and offsite meetings.

Custom Vision Board and Soul Portraits.
By integrating lectio and visio divina, minute book, and digital collage technique an image is created that can remind one who they are at a soul level in under a minute. In a soul portrait session, a client may guide the process of having the image created for them or be instructed on how to create their own.


What if practicing awareness, forgiveness, gratitude, etc, could be as easy as a fill in the blank worksheet? Give these a try. These worksheets are based on secular and monastic practices. They are best when paired with a practice session with a one on one consultation or in a group setting for deeper connection, accountability, and celebration.

Brooke Summers-Perry community organizer, facilitator, life coach, spiritual director, and artist. 

Brooke Summers-Perry
community organizer, facilitator, life coach, spiritual director, and artist. 

When working with groups and individuals, I carefully select and customize practices to appeal to a variety of issues, interests and comfort zones. I am finding that they are relevant and effective for a variety of learning styles and personality types; intellectual and analytical, emotional and expressive, religious and secular. 
The path is yours.  I am here to hear, understand, walk with you, and provide tools and/or referrals so that you can uncover your path for yourself and/or the community you lead.


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