Practice Houston

Scroll down to read why and how we practice and to download free PDF worksheets based on the practice of Nonviolent Communication*, the wisdom of the Enneagram, and a variety of monastic practices from various traditions.

Monthly Compassionate Practice Circles

We are a community of collaboration, curiosity, compassion, and creativity.
We gather, practice, and reflect.
We are curious about how our practice enhances our lives and what we long for on our journey.
Come breathe slowly with us in a space of strength and compassion. 
We meet on the last Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:30p.
July Meeting
Wednesday, 7/31
Healing Circles Houston
1100 Milford St.
Houston, TX 77006

Practice Topic:
Rewriting your story with compassion and creativity.
Facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry
(no prior experience or comfort with creative endeavors- this is the safest place to try!)
6:30-6:45 Gather and socialize
6:45-7p Check-in
7p-7:30p Practice
7:30-7:50p Reflection
7:50-8p Intentions for next gathering
8p-8:30p Socialize and depart

$15 suggested donation

Practice sessions are facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry, and other members of Practice Houston’s Leadership team . We use Healing Circles Agreements to ensure that each participant is heard and honored. Every session is freestanding and allows ease of moving in and out of the group so that anyone can join us at any time.
Practices are carefully crafted to be effective and applicable in our daily lives. They are based on Non-violent Communication*, the Enneagram, monastic practices from a variety of eastern and western traditions, mindfulness practices, creative writing, and visual arts as a spiritual practice. No prior experience with any of these is required to participate with Practice Houston. The hope is that practitioners will feel comfortable exploring a variety of practices and connect with the experts in Houston who educate and facilitate each of these pathways to compassion and peace.

Monthly Leadership Circle

Connect and collaborate with other facilitators and community leaders, connect with resources offered by a collective of like minded and heart centered leaders. Get inspired, be held accountable for mind, body, and spirit balance and self care, and celebrate the process and progress toward the change we want to see in the world.
Contact Brooke for more information.

Women Invited to Social Entrepreneurship
WISE Circles

Connect and collaborate with other social entrepreneurs, connect with a network of shared resources, get clarity and inspiration to help you discover your next step, inspire others in an environment of wisdom, honoring the power of each participant’s inner guide.
Contact Brooke for more information.

Supper Club

In collaboration with and sponsored by Compassionate Houston, Practice Houston Supper Club is a quarterly social gathering for our compassionate community.
Contact us here to learn more.
We meet in the home of a generous host. Conversation is curated by Brooke who holds a safe and respectful container so that participants can be nourished by meaningful connection.
Contact Brooke for more information.

Private Consultations and Small Group Sitting or Walking Meetings

If you would like coaching and connection to deepen your practice or to share reflection on the use of the practice worksheets, or if you would like customized practice sheets, please contact Brooke to schedule a sitting or walking meeting.

Have a community that would love to practice compassion, curiosity, creative expression, and connection?
I love to add content to existing community programming.
Teacher Trainings
Youth Groups
Mama’s Nights
Supplementing existing curricula
Want to commission a piece of art to use in your contemplative practice?

*Nonviolent Communication is the work of Marshall Rosenburg, PhD. Our practice were inspired by the resources and practices created from his work by Jim and Jori Manske of , Robert Gonzales, of The Center for Living Compassion, and while attending and leading various NVC practice groups with

Why we practice

I believe that If our basic needs are being met, the degree to which we are at peace and whole in the world we live in right now is related to our ability to;

regulate our emotions and connect with our feelings so they can help us, 
identify the needs we are longing for or what we are experience as fullness,
recognize and honor that everyone else has those same needs and that they are doing their best with their unique experience, exposure, and resources,
manage our perceptions so that we aren’t making our own satisfaction out of our reach, 
be aware of our choices with respect to ours and others’ needs so that we do not harden our hearts with judgments and comparisons, 
engage our creativity and autonomy by collaborating and finding new strategies, staying open to growing and learning and not getting attached to strategies and outcomes,
catch and transform our judgmental thoughts so that they can be used for self awareness rather than automatic ego reactions on our behalf,
practice gratitude in a way that is intentional, specific, authentic, and informative,
process regret in a way that is informative, healing, and authentic,
resolve conflict in a way that is mutually beneficial, respectful, loving, creative, and that bolsters unity, compassion, and hope.
contribute to justice and equality by engaging a spirit of listening, learning, and being lead into action by the wisdom of the marginalized and oppressed.
The practices I teach support one or more of these objectives and can be used to improve relationships, parenting, and spiritual development.  I hope these strategies bring you and those you encounter more peace and wellbeing.
There is more. It does matter. You are not alone.

Practice Worksheets
The practice sheets below can be used in a daily practice or as a way to process specific patterns or events. They are most effective when paired with consultation and in group reflection with practice groups.

Contact Brooke for a consultation and tips on creating your custom workbook. All you need to start transforming habits is a a few minutes each day, a folder, and some free downloads!


Self Perception and Patterns

Develop understanding of self, thought patterns, resistance, and engage in decision-making that is in alignment with your true self. Based on the Enneagram and the work of Sister Lois Dideon, these four essential self awareness and discernment practices can help you connect with what disconnects you and what pulls you toward the gifts of the present moment and what you have to contribute to them.


Compassion and NVC

Bring depth to your awareness of needs and choices, gratitude practice, and maintaining authentic connection with others, even in conflict.
How we respond in every moment can be driven by our values, not our fears. These three essential practices based in nonviolent communication (NVC) empower us to make the most of every moment and learn the most from the opportunities we miss.


Monastic Practices 

Practice in the monastic tradition using these five essential monastic practices; Awareness Examen, Imaginative Prayer, Lectio Divina,  Visio Divina, and basic instructions on walking a Labyrinth.

Individual Worksheets as individual PDF downloads