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Sponsor the Arts at Field Elementary.
Donations directly support the Community Arts Program Pilot, facilitated by Brooke Summers-Perry. 

$100 donation pays for art education and supplies for one student for an entire school year of art education.
$2,500 will underwrite an entire class for the school year.
Follow this link to support the program.  Be sure to specify Field Elementary, in the additional information field.
To make in-kind donations for art and class supplies, follow this link to an Amazon wishlist.


What would you do with an Art Ancillary Curriculum at our neighborhood school?

As an artist in residence at Field Elementary, I am piloting a Community Arts program. Students in grades 2-5 will explore creative approaches to real-world problems.

This arts program is funded and supported by the community, making art class available to students whose school has no funding for teaching visual art and the creative process. The program focuses on many aspects of creativity, including exploration, observation, evaluation, brainstorming, expression, decision-making, and reflection. The activities are paired with real-world applications, which boost student initiative, inquiry, and leadership skills. A collaborative setting offers each child a sense of belonging and significance.

Community members provide a brief demonstration on how a highlighted skill / practice was used to solve a particular challenge in their field, examples:

Creativity in Math, Science, Technology
Creativity in the Humanities
Creativity in Personal Development

Download  a pdf of the flyer to help spread the word

Download a pdf of the flyer to help spread the word

Funding will determine how many students will be served during the 2018-2019 school year.
Sponsor a student or class here. Be sure to specify Field Elementary in the additional information field.
The pilot is a collaboration with Iconoclast Artists, a 501c3. Your contributions are tax deductible.