I Whispered, “No”

I whispered, “No.” 
I whispered, 

I whispered because it was
the raised voice
of fear and dread
that raised
fists and so
I never raise
my voice because
I see it
my only choice.
I stay beneath,
a whispered no,
the closest
I can get to just.
I keep myself
quiet, hidden,
I must.

Out of pure
I was thrust.

The whisper that
was meant for you
may not have
met your ear.
The raised fists that
railed against
tender hearts
were never yours
and yet I aimed
my rage at you
for years.

Out of quiet
went my pure.

Now I raise
my shakeless voice
to love myself
and lift the curse.
The loss, the taking
was no one
in that room’s



grounded 12x12 acrylic on canvas

grounded 12x12 acrylic on canvas

seduced by a spotlight
reduced to a spot of light
my path is step by step
the great things I do
are desperate efforts to
prove I belong 

seducing myself to exist at all
reducing myself over and over
when the curtain falls
the truth is I am small

the truth is a spot of light
begs me to sit with the truth
and hold it all
in the dark
in the corner
out of the limelight
the world has plenty of
giants to call

mine is quiet 
a tiny light
but a light nonetheless
and as long as I focus on 
the light,
not the dark
not the corner
but the light
i am
I am

Casita con risa


In another life

My name is Spanish and

I am called Casita.

The warmth of my hearth

gathers giggles that grow to

full belly laughter.

I am known for my hugs.

All the kids swarm every door

arms flying open.

Endless encircling embracing

Brazos abiertos abrazos

Mi nombré es

Casita con risa de cariño y amor.

I am

Little house of laughter with warmth and love.


10 minute poem produced in a writing workshop with Christa Forster at Grackle and Grackle 3/30/19

10 years


10 years

             The best employee

              can work her hardest for

10 years

              It is the time it takes

              to gather tasks, roles and

              raises with bonuses big enough

              to take her second life

10 years

              to make the same

value out of being

who she stopped being at

10 years

              when she started only seeing

              herself through daddy's eyes who

              only wanted to see her every

10 years

              And now there is no

              time for her to work at

              anything else but being

______  herself

50 years

Poet to Preacher

Digital Manipulation of 24x24 acrylic painting Meditating with Mother, Brooke Summers-Perry 2017

Digital Manipulation of 24x24 acrylic painting Meditating with Mother, Brooke Summers-Perry 2017

Hear this preacher
truth be told
a poet took your role
today. The message
writes itself inside the
poised to pause
on questions.

Bypass a figure
head who
thinks he knows how
to control hearts.

Many sense
distinct, disguised
messages washing from
the temple
swiftly floating away.

The really good
news to know
originates in the
reader’s soul.


Homage to the Anonymous author of the Cloud of the Unknowing